Circular design principles: When theory becomes reality

On 29 November, at 11:30 CET, EuroCommerce, EIT Circular Economy Community and ECESP organizing the #EUCircularTalks on Circular design principles: When theory becomes reality.y.

While the circular economy is largely discussed, there are still numerous challenges to ensure that the current innovations and models can be upscaled and mainstreamed. Closing the loops will require substantial investments, a total shift in how we do business and consume, and many policy enablers.

Where should we set the priorities to close these loops? How can standardisation support circular design without hampering innovation? What are the essential criteria to be developed for improving the design of our products without other environmental trade-offs?

This event aims to engage actively with stakeholders in discussing these fundamental principles and circular design as drivers for the uptake of the circular economy. The workshop seeks to find common ground for defining key circularity design principles and engaging policymakers and experts. We expect active discussion by the audience with the panellists to help and constructively accelerate this movement.

You can register to the event here and find out more about the agenda here